A Morning Walk around the Farm

A Morning Walk Around The Farm

One morning this week I woke up early…it was about 5am and instead of going back to sleep, I decided to get up and see in the day.

It was really calm and quiet. Too early even for the birds. But they began their glorious morning songs after a little time. The dogs were also surprised to be up and about. But delighted too as breakfast was lovely and early.

An Early Mist

The mist hung low and stayed determinedly steady. Normally as the sun comes up, it burns it off. But not today. The mist was resolute. It was staying longer and it was enjoying itself!

The sun tried its best but the mist wasn’t budging. The effect was a bit eery. It was both cool and warm, both in colour and in temperature. Quite unusual, really.

The Sun Finally Wins

There was still some mist and it gave a gorgeous mystical feel to the trees and plants as the sun got higher.

After the sun finally managed to prevail over the mist, I started to see the flowers more clearly. The early morning dew had kept them closed and as the sun warmed them, they started to open while still having a lovely dewy freshness to them.

This is just a very ordinary little buttercup. Considered a weed by gardeners but this year we have a bumper crop of them in our fields and they really are so pretty and jolly.

We also have a bumper crop of daisies this year. I am seeing them everywhere, not just in our fields! On the banks of the motorway, in fields that are allowed to grow more wild flowers, everywhere!

Also so pretty and happy. I just love these flowers…

And finally, as I was finishing my walk, I went to see the horses. They currently have to come in during the day as one of them can’t be out on the rich spring / summer grass. They don’t really mind as when it gets hot they tend to come inside anyway.

As I walked to their barn, I noticed how beautiful the light was that was shining in through the barn. So I took one last image.

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