Horse Photoshoot

An equine studio shoot is a fantastic way to get beautiful fine art images of your horses.  Each shoot is tailored to suit both the horse and the owner – we discuss the vision that you, the owner, has for the images that I am going to take.  I ensure that the horse is completely comfortable with the new and alien environment that has been created with the lights and backdrop.  I bring all the equipment to the horse’s yard and I set up the studio anywhere inside, from a stable to an indoor school and all points in between.  So haybarns, tractor sheds and garages are acceptable too!

I have my own horses and I understand that sometimes we need to be patient and just wait for them to relax and accept the situation.  I am truly passionate about the fine art images of these incredible, majestic and noble creatures.  I always want amazing images and I will work hard and honestly with you and your horses to get them.


If you prefer to have more natural images of your horse, then I will photograph them outside either in the field, or with you riding or leading them in a location that is special to you.  I will come to you and spend as long as we need for us to get the fabulous natural images that we want. It is up to you how you would like to present your horses for the shoot, plaited, unplaited, ridden or loose, or all of those!  Time is never an issue when I come for a shoot – the only issue is to get exactly what you, the owner wants.

When a horse is moving, we see them at their most majestic and it is always my aim to capture that power as well as elegance.  I have horses myself, and I can spend many happy hours watching them play in the field or loose in the school so I understand how they move and how to capture them at their best when they move.  We can also spend some quiet time with the horse on its own or with you, in order to record fully those wonderful relationships that we develop with them.

Each special moment is caught forever in images that will remain with you.

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