New home, new start

This is the beginning!

I have just moved, with my husband Simon, dog Jimmy and horses, Q, Woody, Frank and Ronnie to the beautiful Normandy countryside.  We are blessed with 30 acres on rolling hills with lots of trees and views to wake you up with joy every morning, even when it’s raining – which it does a lot in Normandy! In fact, it’s raining now!

So, what happens here in the business has changed a bit too, well, not changed so much as developed…I am still offering commissions to shoot your horses and dogs but now I am also developing a few courses both in person and online.

Training and Courses

So, my thoughts are these…I am going to be setting up two different types of training, in person (face to face) training and workshops as well as online courses.  For the online courses, I will offer both introductory training (a photography 101 if you will) as well as more involved courses where I would go into more detail.  For the in person training, the levels will be determined by the students and what we are going to be covering, for example, photographing dogs on the beach or in the forest, or photoshop or whatever.  However, the courses are not ready yet so I am going to be updating the blog on how I am getting on with them and what they are going to be comprised of.  So watch this space!

Fine Art For Sale

I am also now offering images for sale via my sale website  These are images that are either taken as part of personal projects or just when I have been inspired by a particular subject in some way.  They will be available as Fine Art prints which means that they will be printed on fine art paper, or they will be available as canvas prints.  I will also be updating the blog with updates to that site so, again, watch this space!


Another project that I am getting started with is writing a book.  Now, I am not yet decided on whether it will be a coffee table style image book or a more ‘how-to’ book although I am leaning towards the ‘how-to’ but once again, watch this space.  As with the other projects, I will be updating the blog with how it is going so that should you be interested, you will have an idea of when I plan to publish.

So, that’s it for now.  Enough, I think, to be getting on with.  I am working on a great giveaway which I should be loading to the site soon so I hope that you will return very soon.  This website will be constantly being updated and modernised so my apologies for the rather spartan nature of the site as it stands right now….changes are in the air!


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