Photo A Day – Flowers and Rain

Month of Multiples

Some time ago, I followed a lovely photographer online, Kim Klassen, and she ran a programme called ‘Month of Multiples’.  The idea was to go out every day for a month and take a series of photographs each day. Hence the name.

I haven’t done it for a while but today, while I was thinking about what my photo of the day would be, I remembered it.  The weather today has been changeable, to say the least.  It was just too bright and sunny in the afternoon but then it started to rain.

I love the rain, especially in the summer, and I love raindrops on the plants outside. There is a sparkle and freshness that is just wonderful.  Added to the fact that it is summer and the flowers are still blooming, it makes the raindrops stand out more on the gorgeous colours of the petals.

Having said that, we were very late this year with planting. Normally by now I would have had huge amounts of huge dahlias – my absolute favourite flowers – but we are only at the bud stage at the moment so now big blousy flowers for now.  But soon, I hope! But even the flowers that were planted in time, or are here from last year are a bit reticent to bloom.  I have no idea why.  It’s probably to do with the weather, but I’m certainly not a knowledgeable gardener, just one who loves flowers!

Here are my multiples from today.  We’ll see what the weather brings tomorrow…

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