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Hello, I'm Nathalie. Thank you for scrolling down to see who I am!


I am a professional photographer based in the glorious countryside of Normandy in France.


I am surrounded by trees and green fields where my horses spend their time and the chickens roam free. I am inspired by simple things - a glorious sunrise or sunset, fresh French bread still warm from the boulangerie, delicious salted butter on that bread, the wildflowers that grow around our house and much, much more.


That inspiration drives me to create images that are meaningful and filled with soul. Whether they are of food or flowers, horses or scenes, every shoot I undertake has, as its goal, the end result of images that speak to you.


Food Photography. I am available to help you build a portfolio of images for your food business whether you grow or create products.


Horse Photography. I am available for commissions to take images of your horse. I can come to you and create magic!


Flowers & Still Life Photography. These are images that I take because I love to take them. These images are available to buy as well as some horse images.



Nathalie Todd Photography

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